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Cake, beer, blackjack and bands: St. Agnes Carnival starts Friday

Cake, beer, blackjack and bands: St. Agnes Carnival starts Friday The St. Agnes Carnival is the second largest Catholic picnic in town. | Courtesy of St. Agnes The St.

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Blackjack's Rise And Fall Shows What Drives Customers Away

David G. Schwartz It might be said that the expansion of casino gambling to other states is more to blame than anything inherent in blackjack itself, and that might be somewhat right. But baccarat and sports betting in Nevada have made real gains over the past two decades. Those games, it must be said, have for the most part resisted the belt-tightening of blackjack. And only resort fees and paid Strip parking have attracted the level of fury that 6:5 blackjack has. The lesson of blackjack goes beyond the gaming tables. Anyone who sells anything to other people, be it hospitality, food, or even words, should pay attention. It may be frustrating, but we can’t control what customers do and don’t like. It would be great for our business if they always chose the highest margin items, letting us make an easy living. But customers know that’s not a good deal for them, so they choose differently. And that’s not the worst thing. On paper, card-counting was a game-breaker, but in reality, most players lost because counting is easier said than done.

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